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In 2020, Chensfild opens an international bus route Bulgaria - Ukraine (VARNA - ODESSA - KIEV):

Departure on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY from VARNA at 14:30h.
Departure on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY from ODESSA at 15:00h.

From Varna on 16/09/2020 (Wednesday) at 14:30h.
From Odessa on 12/09/2020 (Saturday) at 15:00h.
We will announce our departures from Kiev later. Chensfild has options and offers bus travel in your desired destinations (we accept requests from group bus companies along the bus line, but also buses for self-travel and for different destinations).For group travel we will offer special discounts on the price.


Base rate

one way

two way

950.00 ГРН

 61.00 ЛВ.

31.00 EUR

1800.00 ГРН

110.00 ЛВ.

54.00 EUR


Discount rate

one way

two way

800.00 ГРН

50.00 ЛВ.

26.00 EUR

1500.00 ГРН

95.00 ЛВ.

49.00 EUR

Base rate

one way

two way

1400.00 ГРН

98.00 ЛВ.

50.00 ЕUR

2500.00 ГРН

157.00  ЛВ.

80.00 EUR

During the quarantine with Covid-19 the tariff for reduced prices of the travel ticket are not available.
During the quarantine in Romania, boarding and disembarking of passengers is prohibited.
Until the end of quarantine, passengers wishing to use another seat - for the second seat is paid 70% of the ticket price.
Contacts with us: chensfild@gmail.com, chensfild_55@abv.bg,
GSM: +359878300680, +359878300634, +359884880075,
+359886883691, +380636634450, +380958073045,


Our customers for us

We used the services of the Chansfield Company for a trip to Ohrid. We were extremely pleased with the organization and the drivers. Our customers praised the trip.


This company has been transporting our hotel staff for over 20 years. We have always met fairness and responsiveness in our relationships.


Over the years we have organized numerous trips in the country and abroad with the company Chеnsfild. All the problems they have raised are solved quickly and adequately. It is a pleasure to work with such people.